Jain Shikanji Owner


Jain Shikanji Owner

Anubhav Jain The famous Jain shikanji has many outlets in Modinagar. There’s not one Jain Shikanji exist. The original Jain shikanji owner is Anubhav Jain. He is a well known person. He was born in the Jain family and he is a part of Legacy of Jain Shikanji’s business. His grandfather had started this business of Jain Shikanji. Anubhav Jain didn’t leave the business of his family, he had continued this business.

This business Jain shikanji is the legacy of the Jain family. Anubhav Jain is very kind & friendly with his staff. He provides a friendly environment to his workers and appreciates them for their work. His staff are always happy from his polite behaviour. He always provides the best quality in drinks to the customers.

Jain Shikanji is made with the Freshest lemons and uses great quality masala which gives it, its Iconic Delicious Taste. Through thorough scrupulousness, we have kept up with our Shikanji‘s Taste over a range of 83 years and then some.

Jain Shikanji is one of the most seasoned Lemonade drinks, famous in North India. The organization serves lemonade in their stores as well as sells their masala on the web. They have a mysterious formula for their masala.

With the appearance of new fake sugars and varieties, individuals are beginning to pick more crude and natural rewards over conventional compound-based refreshments, as they become mindful of the well-being impacts of such synthetic substances in our food and water.

Jain shikanji Turnover:

Annual turnover is upto Rs. 50 lakh

Fewer Fees for Franchisees

Being a part of our Jain Shikanji Franchise Program ensures you pay the minimum fees required to have a business with us, so we grow and increase our profits together. Our Utmost Priority is to make our resources available to as many people and localities as possible rather than making money off our Franchise partners.

Focus On Quality (Centralized Team)

Good Quality Control in the Overall Business process and food making, and serving. Quality checks on Hygiene, Food & Beverage making processes.

Centralized Marketing Campaigns & Brand Promotion

Using the name of our already established brand gives the benefit of getting customers from day 1 as Jain Shikanji is a very popular and recognizable name in itself.

The ask was for ₹40 lakhs for 8% offers in Shark tank. The cash will be utilized to open stands in states like Gujarat and Maharashtra. The business visionary likewise needs to make their own lemonade drink in metal jars to arrive at a more extensive market.

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Jain Shikanji Owner

Jain Shikanji Owner

Jain Shikanji Owner